AKS A3 Lamination Machine L-320

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AKS Laminator L -320,is an A3 laminator with a firm and reliable metal body delivers high-quality lamination for documents for commercial or personal use. The metal body ensures it is shock proof and has weather proof capabilities.

Technical Specifications ( Model: L-320 )

Type Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator
Color White
Weight 7 kg Approx.
Dimensions 470x205x124 (mm)
Warm up Time 2 Min
In the Package 1 Laminator-Power cable-Manual Book, Max Laminating
Width A3/320 mm
Laminating Speed 475 mm
Max Thickness of Laminating 180 mic
Power Consumption(Watts) 50
Power Required 220V
Auto Start/Stop None
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Laminator is a device that is used to fuse two pieces of plastic together with paper in between. One of the primary reasons to laminate any document or piece of paper is to preserve the quality of the paper/material being laminated. Laminator provides a protective barrier against moisture stains and fingerprints. Due to the added layer of the plastic, it makes the paper thick and still which also prevents the paper from being folded or cut.

A laminator can be used for personal use at home, offices, schools, businesses, large enterprises etc. Few of the many functionalities of a laminator include preserving photographs, business cards, ID cards, instruction manuals, recipes, scrapbooks, posters, banners, maps, signages, instruction boards etc. Deepening on the functionality, a laminator is needed for; there are several types of laminators in the market.

It is a perfect solution for laminating a document of 330 mm / A3 width. It processes the lamination of documents at a speed of 475 mm per minute. weighs about 6 kgs and is 470x205x124 (mm) in size.

  • Delivery Within 3 to 4 Working Days.
  • Machine warranty 1 year against manufacturing defect.
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  • Payment to be made in advance or against delivery, overdue bill interest @24% p.a. is chargeable.
  • Our responsibility case on delivery of good which carries no guarantee.
  • The warranty at principles desecration.
  • All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
  • Received the above articles in good order & condition are accepted T & C.

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